Gear Review: Turn your Smartphone into a Dashcam – Nexar

As a lifelong skier, I’ve seen my share of crashes, spins etc. on the highways during winter travel enroute to the lift-served resort or backcountry trailhead. I’ve wanted a dashcam for some time, but balk at the current cost of entry.

Enter Nexar, a free* Android/  iOS app that turns your smartphone into a dash cam.

Sample output:

Glad to have @getnexar dashcam for winter driving this year from Perfect Day Calendar on Vimeo.

Voice Activated commands as well.


Nexar also sells a very affordable automobile dashboard / windshield phone mount on Amazon for a mere $6.95 for Prime members. Click here.screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-10-06-30-am

*Define ‘free’:  Nexar apparently collects your dashcam footage and shares that data (see Wired Mag article here) with related industries  to help develop the autonomous auto industry among other things.  So you decide what ‘free’ is; ‘your mileage may vary’.

At some point, I’ll probably do a fully dedicated 2-Channel (front and rear) dashcam, but in the meantime, this works quite well.


Nexar YouTube Channel

Industry news:

Bad Drivers Are About to Be Outed by a Dashcam App



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