Danger, Persistent Weak Layer ahead!

Persistent Weak Layers: “Weak layers that continue to produce avalanches for several days or weeks after a storm.”

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the backcountry skier had such an alert system? Well, actually there is, and it’s called Avatech.

Backside: Mt. Bachelor 2.20.16 overlooking Kwohl Butte.

Just as Waze is sharing real-time driving conditions via crowdsourcing, Avatech is now doing the same with information from the backcountry regarding snow pack and general weather/snow related observations.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.09.16 PM

When I recently heard they were assembling a team of ‘advocates’ to spread the word about their platform, use the tools, and meet other like minded backcountry travelers, I jumped at the opportunity, thus this write-up.

The 411 on Avatech here:


Avatech YouTube Channel

Meet Avatech Video

Avanet – Route Planning & Terrain Analysis Demo

Want to plan a route and take key considerations of the terrain into your planning before you go? You can do that.  Then, download that key information to a printed map or electronic device, it can be done.

    • ●Elevation
    • ●Aspect
    • ●Slope

Information on the go? There’s an app for that.

Load the Avatech iPhone app, and record information in the backcountry real-time. Learn what others are seeing in the same region as you are, real-time.

Download the app here.

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Much more to report on, in the meantime, see you on the slopes. Spread the word…


Kwohl Butte 1.15.2009 overlooking Mt. Bachelor

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