Backcountry Ski North Side Mt Hood

Yesterday was, well, a ‘perfect day’ on the north side of Mt. Hood. The forecast was for 1″ to 3″ of snow, overcast all day, and winds 15 to 20 mph. Upon cresting the upper Hood River valley, I could see that was not the case. In fact, we were going to have a bluebird day.

Indeed it was.  Fourth time up the Tilly Jane Trail this season, having not skied it for two years. Making up for some lost time, no doubt. Made it to the stone hut on the Timberline Trail 600 (ele. 6850) for the first time this season, and the first time in three years now.



Above tracks ‘acquiring’ the ridge in the burn area.



Some people call this an inhospitable area, we call it a backcountry playground. Skin track above the Tilly Jane A-Frame Cabin heading toward the stone hut.



The Stone Hut. I would love to camp overnight in this thing, but it’s full of snow. Do have to like the guy wires holding the roof down, along with the stones.



Lunch time. Shortly after taking this photo, cloud moved in, causing a brief whiteout. That cleared quickly for the decent.



A bit of flat light on the way down. #Solitude I must say. Not too many folks up on the hill.



Not too tracked out.. Quite a few snowshoers but not too many backcountry skiers. That’s ok, less to be tracked out.



Had to stop in this rolling terrain to capture the light in the trees. A bit of alpenglow going on.  Snow was so perfect in the trees. This was some of the best snow I have seen on the north side of Hood in years.



#bigfoot #yeti sighting



Looking back to where I was just 30 minutes ago. Was on the snow Cooper Spur field above the massive Polallie Creek drainage.


Now that there is adequate coverage of snow down lower, it allowed me to go ‘off pisted’ from the actual Tilly Jane Trail throughout the burn area capturing some nice lines like this.


Until next time.


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